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Do You Want To Live The Life Of Your Dreams…

But Your Current Life Is Getting In The Way?

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You are a strong, passionate woman who has amazing dreams churning within you. Yet you are filled with anxiety and doubt about how to make the changes you have acknowledged that you need to make. You feel stuck and overwhelmed and unable to live your dreams. You know what you want and what needs to be done to make it happen. You just can’t seem to do it.

My Dear, you are meant for so much more. You deserve to have your biggest and brightest dreams realized. You deserve to dance with your soul wide open, not afraid that what you want won’t materialize. You are meant to experience the bigness of life and feast at the Dessert Buffet that life offers.

You know you can’t stay stuck. You can’t let the dream die inside of you. You can’t keep wondering “what if”.

Instead, you step up and claim your ticket to the buffet line. You choose the best desserts, the ones your sweet tooth has longed for. You dance like you’ve never danced before and you live, life on hi-speed, filled with love and light and laughter. You take one step and then two until your life intentionally looks the way you want it to.

Sounds Delicious right?

This is only the beginning. Confidence is your ticket to Life’s Dessert Bar.

You Have IT ALL Within You. You are bold and brilliant and down-right Sassy. You are Love and Light and Laughter. You are Passion and Pride and Courage and Confidence.

And this is what Searing Hot Confidence is about…getting Laser-focused, Razor Sharp Clarity about who you are to live the Passion-Filled, Soul-Satisfying life you have craved.

Because that’s what you were meant to do.

Is this you?  Then the 21 Day Searing Hot Confidence Challenge is For You

If you’re not sure yet , read on…
You Know What You Want Out of Life.
  • You know deep down that you were meant for so much more than what your reality is
  • You know your soul-sucking job cannot last forever
  • You dream about starting your business or going back to school
  • You know you can experience more happiness in your life and your relationships
  • You dream of running away with your suitcase and your ipad
  • You know you can make more money in a more satisfying way
  • You want to lose weight and know how to eat right and exercise
But something is stopping you from taking that first step and putting your plans into action. Daily, you fight an internal battle to get past the doubt, fear and anxiety. You know you deserve so much more but you just can’t seem to get something right. Stop waiting for someone else to say YES to You!
The 21 Days to Searing Hot Confidence Challenge is an email based course for women who want to build razor-sharp clarity and a burning hot sense of confidence in themselves and their abilities to live a bold, sassy and brilliant life. This course will guide you to heights of self-discovery and depths of motivation toward the life you are craving.
Why? Because life is a Delicious Dessert Buffet, filled with scrumptious treats and Who doesn’t want to live a delicious life?


How? Plain simple!

Every day you will receive an email in your inbox.
This email will have a worksheet or a video or both.
Print out or write the prompts in your journal and complete it.
Log into the facebook group and share any thoughts, comments or ideas that you have.

Why would I do that?

When you successfully complete the challenge, you will:

 – Become laser clear on who you are and put a definite value on yourself
 – Develop tools for achieving your 5 year vision
 – Significantly improve your belief in your ability to make changes in your life
 – Become more bold, sassy and brilliant
 – Fall in love with yourself  and your body
 – Choose the best ways to take care of yourself and meet your own needs
 – Help someone else live their best life.



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