The Archbishop’s Secrets to Building Authentic Relationships

The Secrets to Building Authentic relationships?

arhcbishop and building authentic relationships
[spacer height=”20px”]The archbishop of Kingston, a lovely man, Charles Dufour is a longstanding friend of mine who presided over the diocese in which my high school was housed.[spacer height=”20px”]
While I don’t remember how we met, he has always been someone I have admired and respected. He has also proven himself to be a master of building authentic relationships.[spacer height=”20px”]
  1. He takes a genuine interest in others’ lives

    He has gotten to know me and refers to my family personally.  While he has never met them, he takes a particular interest in them and the things that are important to me.[spacer height=”20px”]

  2. He consistently sends a yearly newsletter about what is happening in the diocese

    .Every half year, I can expect to receive a newsletter in the mail from Bishop detailing events that are coming up and providing updates on the diocese’s initiatives.  He also asks about them on the call, just to make sure you have received them.  He ends the call with a reminder to keep in touch and call if you ever need anything.  [spacer height=”20px”]

  3. He calls about twice a year, Christmas and another random occasion

    His calls are usually 2 minutes in length, offering a brief about about himself and the diocese and then asking about you and your family.  The mere fact that he calls is significant and makes you feel special.[spacer height=”20px”]

  4. He lets you know when he’ll be in town

    While he doesn’t broadcast his every move, when he is coming into town and available to entertain, he gives you a heads up.  When he does his, even if you don’t get a chance to get together you feel thought about.[spacer height=”20px”]

  5. He makes everyone feel extra special and like he only sees them

    Every person who I have ever spoken to about Bishop Charles has expressed a feeling of friendship with him.  I attribute this to the fact that he makes everyone he encounters feel like they are his only friend and the only person he sees. He pays such careful attention to you that you have no choice but to feel special.[spacer height=”20px”]

  6. He is amazingly pleasant and positive in every interaction  

    My every encounter with Bishop is positive.  On occasions when he was not feeling in the best of health, he was accepting and optimistic.  His very demeanor discouraged me from complaining or being negative.  [spacer height=”20px”]

  7. He is a connector.

    When I just returned to Jamaica, he connected me with an agency to  find me a job and after when I decided practice was the way to go, he connected me with another organization to find office furniture.  One of his superpowers is connecting the right people, a skill he has cultivated over the years.  [spacer height=”20px”][spacer height=”20px”]

While he is not an entrepreneur, we can say he is in the business of saving lives so he is an Entrepreneur of sorts. What he is, though is a master at building loyalty and trust and friendship with his people.  If he had something to sell, I would definitely buy.

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2 thoughts on “The Archbishop’s Secrets to Building Authentic Relationships”

  1. “He makes everyone feel extra special and like he only sees them”

    This is one of my favorite qualities of charismatic, inspirational leaders. Something I strive for myself, but the amazing thing is, in the people who do it well, I think it just comes naturally.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Kathy. Thanks for your comment. That is one characteristic I aspire to have myself so I love it when I see it in other people. I agree with you; I think making other people feel like you only see them comes naturally to those who do it well. It’s an innate authenticity.

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