Can The Humanity in The Blogosphere Please Stand Up? 

Can the humanity in the blogosphere please stand up? She's inspired.

I’m so riled up right now about the way that We humans sometimes treat each other.

As people, we are not immune from being hurt and feeling pain.

No matter how accomplished we become, we still experience heartbreak and hurt.

We still yearn for comfort and support.

When we walk boldly into this arena, a majority of us harbor hopes that as we build community that there are some people with whom we can actually build relationships.

We hope that it is not just about reaping our work with nothing else.

The thought that  ‘you can never do enough. You always have to be doing and giving for other people to appreciate and consider you, as a mere human being’ sat in my consciousness as I felt offended and worried. Is it true that even among the helpers, you can get severely hurt?

Here’s what happened.

Yesterday a fellow entrepreneur sent out a message to her email list.
When I read that message, I could literally feel her pain.
She explained without the gory details that some bad things were happening to her. It was a long, involved message that detailed that she was experiencing some sort of injustice through the Blogosphere and asking her community for support.  A clearly human, ordinary thing to do.
I didn’t respond right away because I felt that she may be feeling overwhelmed with the outpouring g of support she would have received and little ‘ole me would probably be adding more clutter than value.
Not quite so my friends, Much to my surprise. The response from some of her readers shocked me.
Some indicated that they didn’t think she should have discussed it. Some felt that she said too much. Others didn’t like the vagueness and so on and so forth.
What really injured me was the realization that this person was no longer considered to be human, she wasn’t even granted the common regard of a person on the street.
Her role as a successful entrepreneur seemed to relegate her to a position of someone who cannot and should not divulge her human experiences.
Almost in a ‘how dare her’ sort of way. It was almost like she was being told to ‘do your work, fight your battle and shut up.’

Damn! Is this what we work so hard to achieve?

How do we as people claiming to be working toward the mission of raising the emotional and life vibrations of others not come to her aid with support and love?
How do we first choose to ignore or attack or worst push aside?
Isn’t she deserving enough, by merely being a person,  of simple human cordiality that you would give anyone else?
Why not reach out to her and let her know that you’re concerned? Yes, she is successful but she has laid herself open for us to reach in and help.
 Not hurt.
Is it that we just appreciate her product but not the person?
Is this really what we are creating?
A league of people who suck each other dry creatively and neglect the other emotionally?
I must say this was a tough moment for me.
As the eternal optimist, I know this is not all people and there are many who have reached out and have prayed and sent positive vibes.
We are not all creative blood suckers and all-for-ourselfers. I know.
But can the loving, caring people who are for humanity above business as usual please stand up?
Remember, when one falls, all are at risk. No one is immune to pain and suffering. If you can’t empathize, sympathize, or wait your turn. Because it’s coming.
Reassure me please.

5 thoughts on “Can The Humanity in The Blogosphere Please Stand Up? ”

  1. Very well written, I can feel the emotion you have jumping right off the page. I agree that we need to rally around the suffering, week, and hurt. We will all end up in a situation where we will need support in our lives. We must be careful lest we find ourselves at the giving end of hate.

  2. I love this post. I wish there were more builders rather than demolition crews in the world.

  3. What’s even sadder is to see the herd mentality at work. Someone may have wanted to stand up and offer support but after seeing the negative reactions, stood quietly aside.

    1. So true, Jenny. It is hard but we have to remember that standing pup for what we believe in grows our wings and strengthens our character.

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