We provide coaching to women who are not currently experiencing emotional crises but are ready to take their current lives to a better, more successful place or feel like they have a dream that they would like to go after.
We also provide coaching to children and teens who are experiencing difficulties in test taking or social issues such as making friends or preparing for transition to a new school or to college. Coaching is also beneficial to the professional who would like to increase the level of success in their field experience the life they are dreaming of.

YOU + ME = A beautiful life, as you have dreamt it.

There are a lot of people who can help you live your best life. Your hair dresser. Your wise grandma. Your pastor. Your girlfriends.

Why choose me?

My clients get to laugh, fall in love (with themselves), set a plan of action and, actually, make it happen!

I’m not into work for the sake of working, run of the mill drudgery or tedious homework. Our sessions are short and sweet. We begin and end with honesty. And we focus on using what you have now and making it brilliant. You won’t find a repetitive focus on the past here — you will find encouragement, hope and a tireless motivator.

I’ve trained with the Best. Capital B. As in, Brilliant.
I’ve experienced the success of the process In my own life and have designed life improvement workshops for other successful women. I’ve helped women come from places of utter disappointment and tragedy to live lives they love and rock it. I’ve done it, seen it work — and I bring all the goodness to YOU.

I have a hidden talent for identifying stuck thought patterns and a killer intuition for what works and what doesn’t.
Whether you come here with goals for weight loss, improved career and business aspirations or better overall health and happiness, everything you think, do + desire is connected by your thoughts. We’ll identify the thoughts and beliefs that sabotage your best life, and carve a path to the life you want. All i ask is your readiness and willingness to work…hard. Life is a journey–a delicious one at that. Let’s make yours brilliant.

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