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Have the many hours in your business left you feeling a little lost and not sure about who YOU really are?

 Not what the industry is doing now, or what you should like or want, but what YOU want to create.

If you have been feeling like you and your true self are on a little..ahem…break and your life feels like 10 day old meatloaf–something beyond recognition…chances are you are not connected with who you really are. 

And it’s not your fault…business, with all its pretty websites, shiny objects and mini-gurus can do that to you. 

We yearn for the days when we can use what we know about ourselves to create our lives, but it becomes painstaking when you can’t decide or even describe what YOU really like. Not what the industry is doing now or what everyone else says is working. 

If you’ve been feeling lost and yearning to get back in touch with yourself, this 7 Day challenge is just for you

This challenge is meant to ease you back into connection with yourself. 

Join me on June 22nd for the kickoff to my 7 Day Embody Challenge. It’s FREE!

In this challenge, we’ll answer the tough questions about who you really are and let go of some of the things that have been holding us back from owning our true selves. 

Take a deep breath and allow yourself 7 days to connect with the core of who YOU really are and create space to transform your life and business into what you have always wanted.

When the 7 Days are up, you will experience: 

* 7x More Clarity on who you really and what you really want

* 7 Days of answers to questions you’ve been afraid to ask yourself

* 7 Days of self-compassion and support

* Motivation to go after what you want in life and business

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