Everyone Deserves Their Dreams–Why Not You?


Your dreams lie dormant as you struggle to figure out how to take them from idea to reality.

You question yourself, wondering what, of value, do you really have to offer

the world.

You know you know some ‘stuff’.

You have tons of lived experience.

But is that enough?

You don’t have it down like the other people you’ve seen.

You’ve barely gotten it together.

So how can you offer it to someone else?

You hesitate at the thought of putting yourself out into the world.

You still haven’t worked it out in your mind exactly who you are, what you do and why they should care.

The doubt rises and your certainty wanes.

And you cycle through your mental Rolodex comparing yourself with all those people who’ve made it.

They’re living the life you want.

They seem happy and on purpose.

But you, you keep hitting that wall.

The most frustrating thing is you’re not even sure what that wall is.

What is it that they have that you don’t?

Will you ever get there?

You’ve read the books, done the work but you can’t seem to spit out that one sentence about why you matter.

At least not convincingly enough that you don’t feel like a fraud.

You retreat to your vision of what it will feel like when you hit your stride.

You can just feel the excitement coursing through your veins.

Satisfaction at getting your message out.

Pure, exquisite joy at making a difference in that one person’s life.

You grow disheartened and a gloominess wearies your face.

After all, why would it happen for you?

Why would your dreams come true?

You’re no more special than you’ve always been.

If it didn’t happen then, why would it happen now?

Your excitement shrivels up but deep inside, a tiny flicker remains.

You’re no quitter.

Not when you know that if you hit that sweet spot, your delicious, juicy life will come       awake right before your eyes.

A tiny smirk rounds your lips as you revel in the golden haze of dreaminess that has settled on you.

Dreams are for dreamers you tell yourself. Reality requires action. If only you had the money and the support and someone to do it all for you.

The smile comes easy. It’s from knowing that you must do the work.

And just that feeling is enough.

Enough for you to remember that there’s no special endowment for making a difference.

Dreams were meant to come alive.

And though you may not have the secret formula,

You’ll try until you get there.

Because as deserving as those other people are,

Success doesn’t come from a special gene.

And if life is handing out passion and success,

You’ll hustle your way to the top of the line.

It’s there for the taking and there’s so much to go around.

If not now, when? And if not you, then who?

But most importantly,

why not you?

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P.S.  What is standing in your way of going after your dreams?
What do you believe about it that seems so difficult to overcome

8 thoughts on “Everyone Deserves Their Dreams–Why Not You?”

  1. I love this line especially: Dreams were meant to come alive. I try to teach that to my kids, but it’s so easy to let it fall away for myself.

    1. Hi Shaunta, I love that you teach that to your kids. Keep reminding them as they grow older because as kids we love our dreams, that’s all we know. As we grow we get lost in all the things that society tells us is more important. Thanks for the comment.

  2. Love this post. especially the line, “Dreams were meant to come alive.” Amen!

    1. Thanks, Jenny. I am glad you love it. I love that line too. I should probably make a meme of it. Good idea, Jenny :).

    1. Hi Lysha, thank you so much. I am glad that I am accomplishing my goal. I want to uplift others so they can go grab their dreams and take them. Thanks for commenting.

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