Fearless Action Clarity Session

For Female Entrepreneurs Who Are Tired Of Feeling Stuck and Are Ready To Kick Their Businesses Back Into Gear!


You know you’re a smart, savvy entrepreneur! You know that this business that you have dreamed of, all the people you could help and having the freedom to do what you want with your life is definitely possible.

So why is this entrepreneurial journey such as struggle? You ask yourself trying not to pull out all of your hair.

It’s beginning to feel like there is some secret formula that everyone else has that you don’t.  The truth is you feel like you’ve hit a wall and don’t know what else to do.

So what next? Do you still continue to push or stop and wait for inspiration to hit? Or do you restart your job search and try to get back into corporate where you have steady money?

If this sounds like what you are experiencing, then I completely get it.  I have been there…  and let me tell you this. There is a third option!!

Hugging and Deep kissing that stuck feeling Adios!! Revving up your action engine and getting back on track!

and I can help you do just that.

get back in touch with your WHY, refocus and get back the drive that you started with at the very beginning. 

First, you already know that you have something to offer. So, there’s no need to question if you have it or not. 

Second, staying stuck is not helping you or the people who are waiting on you to show up for them. 

We’re just gonna call this little period “a breather” but let’s get moving again. 


If you need a little more to be sure Fearless Action is right for you…keep reading.

  No matter what your recent past looks like, imagine how much more you could accomplish in your business if you could:

  • Have so much clarity and confidence that you knew exactly what you’re doing and why.
  • Feel so sure about the value of what you’re offering others that you walk away from clients who are not your favorite people because you’re not worrying about the money.
  • Know exactly what you are worth and act fearlessly in the face of any obstacles, go after what you want and get it.
  • Work at the top of your game every day.
  • Lead your business where you want it to go and stop being led by what others are doing.
  • Crush the constant comparison to other entrepreneurs and do what is unique to you, rocking your own skills and talents.
  • Release the hold that your fears and beliefs have on you achieving the life you want.

What would that do for your motivation to deliver the value that you have inside of you?  


:: razor sharp clarity on who you are, what you do in business and who you do it for.

:: that excited feeling to get to work and live out your passions, just like it was when in the beginning. 

:: fearless confidence to pitch and promote yourself without fear so you can get your goodness in front of those who are waiting for you to show up.

You will become so clear, so confident and so certain that you will take the Fearless Action you need to to get your business moving forward.

After you sign up for FEARLESS ACTION, here’s  exactly what you will get:

// One action-packed 60-minute recorded call
// One life map to help you identify the strengths that you have shown over your life and how to integrate them into your life and business
// One 30 minute branding/messaging bootcamp to clarify your unique message and ways to connect with your people.
// Identification of your emotional blocks and some hard-hitting block busting strategies.
//Unlimited email support for one week following our session.


At this point you have two choices:

1. Stay stuck and let the dream business that you envisioned slip by.  


2. Take Fearless Action and wrangle your mind and confidence to do the things that you need to get your business moving again. 

YOU + ME = We Got This!


Want to chat for a few? We can jump on skype. Go here 

After you send me an email telling me a little bit more about you, I will send you a link to my scheduler and get you set up for our talk. No worries, I am pretty down to earth and easy to talk to so you’ll be fine.



What Previous Clients have to Say:

My session with Susaye was brilliant. I was so excited about getting a new, expert perspective on the issues I was trying to deal with in my life. During the session I thought OH, wow, it’s as if she’s known me forever, I’ve never thought of [my problem] that way, she’s really good, she really has experience. By the end of working with Susaye I felt WAY more centered, because now I know what I really want and how to start to get it and Now making choices about what to do on a daily basis is SO MUCH easier.    Georgina Heredia


If I were to describe my session with Susaye I would say it was in one word” Powerful.” When I contacted her, I needed help in directing my life, and finding out what makes me excited to get up every morning.  As the session came to an end I was just really excited to get started on the path we discussed! I’m quite honestly way too awed by the mass of ah ha moments to feel like anything could be done better. I am still a little scared, but excited. Most importantly though, I’m feeling ALIVE, and I couldn’t ask for anything better. Tash Suchecki  tandserendipity.com


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