Get your business started today…what you must know to make it happen.

Get your business started. Walt Disney quoteStarting a business or any endeavor in which you put your whole heart is never easy. I’ve read hundreds of resources, from blog posts to business books to manifestos to memoirs about success and failure and what I’ve learned is that there are difficulties inherent in starting a business and even more in having a successful one. Many people are dying to quit their 9 to 5s to work for themselves and call their own shots, and are thrilled at the thought of not answering to someone else (well in theory, because you are always answering to someone in whatever business you do, but that’s a story for another day).

This bubbling enthusiasm is exciting for me to experience and to witness in others from time to time. I love it! I also know that oftentimes, this same vivacity runs cold and we become discouraged and disheartened that things are not falling out of the sky and beautifully into place, we begin to doubt our own brilliance, we become nervous and anxious about getting our first client and making the monthly income we need (hi there, spade). Or we become obsessively occupied with the perfect Pantone color number for our website’s links. We work hard to think through every possible thing that could go right or the plethora of things that can and will go wrong, all the time standing perfectly still in our uncertainty. Well, I am here to help free the many who don’t know what to do next. Wait for it….just start already!! Here are some reasons I know this is what you need.

3 Reasons You Can Get Your Business Started Now

1.  There is no guarantee that wonderful business baby of yours will grow into the million dollar money machine you think it will (thanks, Marie Forleo). Now, I am not doubting your brilliance or the gold in your idea. I just know that many ideas and businesses die very soon after birth for lack of commitment, disappointment that things aren’t moving fast enough or just the lack of a client who really wants what you have to offer (let’s call that the ‘I love my idea and if I were a client I would buy these services for myself’ approach–except, you aren’t the client, the person spending the money to get it is).

While I wish everyone all the best, sometimes bidding your brain child bye bye and doing something else is best and you have to know that this is a possibility. Yes, you love it, yes your best friend loves it and yes, you know with all your heart it can succeed, but like anything else, the only sure thing is death, so my love, your business is a risk–one that may or not not pay off. That being said, create your minimal viable product and get it out there.

There is a lot of good information on the web about identifying your ideal client, creating your website, logo design, business card and marketing–all valuable, but nothing beats putting yourself out there. Let someone know that you are offering whatever that lovely idea is and see what happens. If nothing else, you would have gotten right up into your fear’s face and survived to tell the tale.

2. You don’t know that the fear you have of being embarrassed is more common than the cold aka ‘Impostor Syndrome is a new entrepreneur’s alter-ego’. I will hedge my bets that every single person started out feeling like they don’t really know what they’re doing or even if they’ll be any good and at any moment they’ll be found out (don’t judge).

Unless, you have learned nothing over the course of your life, which is extremely hard to believe, you know something really well, better than at least 10 other people. Well, you see those 10 people, they need your help and by golly, you should help them. You may not be the warren Buffet of your niche or field, but you know enough to teach those 10 people, just in time to learn some more. Even if it is only one thing that you learned well, there are numerous ways to provide value (the ultimate goal) with that one thing– for example, you could offer it free to 5 of those 19 people at first while holding on to the other 5 until you have built up your confidence.

Then offer your product to the other 5 for moolah because after the first five, you know what works and what could be better. You my dear, are no impostor and even if you are not quite as expert as you have sold, you will be shortly. Take that and run with it. Every body started somewhere. Don’t get off the train before you even buy the ticket.

3. You have to do the work. Nothing comes easy and there are very few successful turn-key businesses where people do everything for you. You have to make those calls, meet other entrepreneurs, join communities, build relationships, write the posts and actually publish them, reply to negative comments or ignore them. They are not gonna do themselves. You (or the team you spent good money on, but at this stage, it should be you) have to do the work. You want to get your business started, right? Well, YOU have the vision + YOU want to provide value + YOU want to know the ins and outs of your business and ultimately your success, right? There is no way around it.

Every brand needs a good story and assuming that you are interested in building a lasting brand, your clients, want to know how this came to be and why you can relate so well to what they are going through. In order to get the story, you have to do your work. I listen to Gabrielle Bernstein’s story in her books and I feel a sort of kinship with her because her story is deep, and while not completely relatable, it is passionate, raw and you can feel the desperate yearning for something meaningful. That stuff pulls people in and makes them feel like they know you, like you, and want to support you. #truth.

Every person I’ve wanted to support has a great story. Test it out. Go to the about page of your favorite bloggers or entrepreneurs and read it. I guarantee, they have a ‘struggled to get to the top story.’ That is why you are getting started now when you don’t have everything perfect and you don’t feel like you have it all perfectly wrapped up.–we, your clients–love to know you were not perfect, just like we are.

There is no better time than the present. Get your business started, friend. We’re waiting.

P.S. This was written for the person who has done some research, has something they want to offer and is just afraid to start. If you have nothing to offer, find something first, then come back, and read this post.

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