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Indigo Ocean headshotIndigo is founder of,, and author of 2 published books. She has helped build a land trust community for poor Hawaiians and taught meditation to incarcerated teens.

Deep bows to change—whether baby steps along a clear, level road or thundering avalanches crashing down and sweeping away everything in their paths. Shift can take either form, plus anything in between. Shift is change that in hindsight you recognize as progress. So of course, there have been many shifts in my lifetime. I’ll pick my most fully integrated one to share.

As backstory, I was a poor kid. Not “roof caving in on a shack without heat or running water” poor, but “no clothes without holes, shoes that don’t fit, constantly hungry” poor. American poor. My dream was therefore to be a millionaire and help raise my family out of poverty, to never again see my mother cry over lack or fear of things getting even worse. I too longed to leave such feelings behind me. The only problem was, I grew up with a consciousness of poverty. So even with an Ivy League education, and ample time spent as a peer among the children of presidents and billionaires, I still struggled much of my adult life just to pay the rent and keep food in the house.

 A spirit-led life is always a masterpiece life.

There were many shifts that moved me along the path of spiritual awakening. Times when I could even heal people just by looking at them and seeing their perfection with such conviction that their belief in their imperfection was obliterated by my sight, leaving only perfection behind. But I was still poor.

After decades of bouncing around from job to job, I had reached a point where I was finally working from home for good money. I was an independent contractor for several business consulting companies (thanks to my ability to learn new things easily and lots of experience in different industries over the years), and one asked me to quit the others and go exclusive with them. They guaranteed me a $6,000 monthly income for up to 20 hours of work from home each week, and $75 more per hour for every hour over 20. I said yes!

I quit all my other gigs, and then 4 months later the Western Regional Director quit, and the company (based in North Carolina) decided not to replace him. I volunteered to do his job and mine, but they didn’t believe I could, so they just pulled out of the state completely. I had only 1 month’s living expenses to my name. Plus they’d been letting me use a company laptop, so I didn’t even own my own computer. I was a contractor, so also had no unemployment insurance, and my previous contracting employers had no openings due to the crash in the economy (early 2009).

So what did I do? I decided to greet it as a blessing instead of a curse. I realized that though the rug had been pulled out from under me, I had the choice whether I fell or flapped my wings and flew. I started doing on my own what the previous Western Regional Director had done, only under my own banner, Aspiratech. I’ll have to skip the logistical details for brevity, but within 2 months I had my first $20,000 client and within 2 years I had my first $375,000 client!

My client roster has included Cisco Systems and Comcast, and I run it all from home with an international team of contractors. At this point, I don’t even do much of that anymore. Now I mostly have passive income from online training courses I’ve created, and devote my own time to the business consulting work I do with entrepreneurs like myself, who are trying to build up their businesses without the benefit of the exposure I got as a business consultant for so many years.

With these changes I made another major shift—from poverty consciousness to millionaire consciousness. Yes, I am now a self-made millionaire. I don’t worry about money 95% of the time. Sometimes those old mental habits still rear their heads, but I just laugh at them. I know something miraculous and powerful and infinitely loving is living this life through me. I am living a spirit-led life, and a spirit-led life is always a masterpiece life. My job is just enjoying watching the master paint with my hands. And what a wonder it is to behold.

Indigo’s Advice for Your Shifted Journey

If you are considering or in the process of a life shift, congratulations. You’re playing this game right, because the game is growth. And if you want to play like a master, then embrace the shift with curiosity, anticipation, and joy.

The thing that was most helpful to me during my own shift was that I had been so deeply connected with both an external teacher and my inner guidance system for so many years by then, that I just knew with like 90% certainty that it was all going to work out. I mean I had so little financial security, but I just knew I was being taken on a magic carpet ride.

My daily practice that helps me to remain shifted is savoring the process of continual shift itself. I’m in no hurry to get anywhere, but I know I’m going to. I’m just enjoying the ride.

I challenge you to face your next “Lucy moment” by flying instead of falling. You just have to flap your wings and yell, “Whoopee!”

– Indigo Ocean

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