Joyce Kaiser

Joyce Kaiser is a teacher and a student who also happens to be a bit of a hippie, but who is a lover of all things beautiful. She can be found blogging at Mosaic Starfish.

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My shift restarted approximately four years ago. I had been very spiritual and connected, but life had gotten in the way and I had allowed myself to become disconnected from who I was and who I wanted to be. I longed for a return to that. And to return to a life of service, contribution, value.

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 A really close friend of mine began expressing that she felt similar. Long story short, we decided to spend a month conducting a happiness project. Our project was designed to find and focus on pleasant things, with the specific goal of increasing our awareness to our emotions and cultivating happiness. There are, of course, a lot of details involved and I am a story teller – I could keep you here all day.


In the course of our happiness project, I began searching out audio that I could put on in the background as I worked throughout my day. I also began reading the self improvement books that had been collecting dust on my shelves. I re-engaged with my spirituality.

  It’s a journey. My shift continues, and will always continue.

Over the course of these past four years, I found others that were like me, that knew they belonged, but not necessarily belonged where they were. Or they wanted more, they wanted to grow. They wanted a connection to something bigger. I began coaching them, and they began coaching me. We bonded and in some cases have become like family.


I hung quotes around my house. Devoured audio and video and courses. I got coaches, I became a coach – the best way to learn is to teach, did you know that? It’s true. Teaching forces you to walk your talk.


To keep it short and sweet, I will say that it is true, what you focus on, expands.


My daily life now isn’t perfect. But it’s progress. It’s a journey. My shift continues, and will always continue. If I were to use one sentence to describe me, it would be that I am always evolving.

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Joyce’s Advice For Your Shifted Journey

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If you are considering or in the process of a life shift, I recommend reaching out to other people that are also shifting. You may be met with resistance or negativity by those closest to you, reach past them. Don’t let them stop you. Don’t let you stop you. There are many like minded people that want to shift their lives, as well.

My daily practice that helps me to remain shifted is my daily meditation practice; it helps me to quiet the voices of fear, doubt, negativity. And the voices of excitement and energy, as well. I highly recommend making time for silence; even the happy voices need to take a break once in awhile.

The thing that was most helpful to me during my own shift was my quiet time which deepened my shift. Listen to soothing music, sit by a beach or in a forest. I adore yoga, hikes, paddle boarding, digging in my garden. Your quiet time can be whatever and where ever you are able to be quiet, at peace, and connected to you for a few moments.

I also recommend that you schedule meetings with peers who can energize you, challenge you, push you outside your comfort zone.

 I challenge you to try something new. Try something that scares you, challenges you, makes you go outside of yourself. Often.

– Joyce Kaiser

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