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Kamron mckinnon picKamron McKinnon of RaizeYourself.com is a writer and aspiring thought-leader looking to build confidence, shatter limits and become impactful, so one day he might change the world.

 When there was self-doubt and worry in my life, I knew that there was something wrong. Not necessarily with me or the situation but with my perception of reality. I needed to change that.

I always believed that life is about change, not in the negative connotation but in the absolute beautiful meaning it has about developing. So, it came natural that I developed a ‘shift’ in mindset, and began to explore a new world of opportunities where I could leverage stress to expel my doubt and worries and in place put positivity and faith into my life.

About two months ago, my girlfriend and I broke up. This, unlike others, led me onto a spiritual journey. Where most people would become bitter and distasteful towards their ex’s, trying to show off by having “too much fun”, I was beginning to walk a path of spiritual and emotional healing.

All that I have taken from people, I now make a conscious effort to give it out

The shift that I was bound to while in the decline of the relationship was one of Gain and Holding On. Now, after meditation and reflection, I see that that is a harmful mindset to be in. Once I realised this, I became liberated and I found a Truth.

It’s important to always be reflecting on how you treat people. And if I had known this while I was with her, I’d still be with her. But, the Universe has a different plan, thus, I went further into the Law of Attraction and developing faith.

I’ve now shifted to; Giving and Letting Go.

This was the shift in mindset that I needed to begin the process of spiritual and emotional healing. All that I have taken from people, I now make a conscious effort to give it out. All the support that my girlfriend had given me, I give out to my close friends. I show appreciation a lot more and I enjoy the company of my friends more than I ever have.

It is with this one event (the break-up), that I owe my spirit and the person I have become. Many people don’t think it possible to undergo such a change, but I do and I did. Even though I’ve always been a “I can do it.” kind of person, I now know the importance of the Golden Rule.

The main actions that took place to really shift my thoughts and attitudes were;

Meditating on what went wrong and right

  • Journalling all thoughts
  • Forgiving myself and others
  • Planned for the future
  • Developed habits that reflect the person I want to be

My daily life is full of intention. I’ve taken personal responsibility and I’ve set my goals and I’m dedicating my days towards them. It is when you take the blame and say you’re sorry that you become liberated and freed from the emotional constraints of the past.

Each day I remind myself of that. Forgive the past and Create the future in the Present.

When I regret something, it is usually when I haven’t thought it out before I took action. Spontaneity is valuable but when dealing with others, it is wise to slow down. Because whatever you do to others, will come back to you in some profound way.

The best way for me to not regret is first by forgiving the moments of stupidity and harm I’ve caused in the past and then by reminding myself of the value of the Golden Rule EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Kamron’s Advice For Your Shifted Journey

If you are considering or in the process of a life shift… let the people you admire guide you with their wisdom. Let yourself flow by giving yourself to your passions. Follow your bliss and everything else will come. A life shift can be small, perhaps develop a habit that is reflective of the wealthy or healthy.

The thing that was most helpful to me during my own shift was dedicating myself to my talents and using my gifts to give to the world. By doing this I was able to use the negative energy of sadness and anger and transfer them into my workouts, writings and dances. So, be conscious of your passions and give your all to it.

My daily practice helps me to remain shifted is spending time on being grateful for what I have in my life and for what I will have. This immense dedication to gratitude is what keeps my spirits high and it also places me into a mindset of GIVING. It’s an amazing thing.

I challenge you to develop positive and intelligent habits that reflect the ‘shift’ you want to make. If you want to become rich, then cultivate what rich people do. If you wish to be more loving and kind, practice the Golden Rule.

Overall, ‘shifting’ and developing yourself is really easy. You just need to apply yourself and let the magic happen.

– Kamron McKinnon

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