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Krista is a coach that is passionate about helping women who are perfectionist and high achievers gain more balance and in their daily lives.

A life shift means the gradually or dramatic change in direction in one’s life. Though this is a very vulnerable place of excitement and fear. It provides a pathway, to create change in one or more areas of your life, simultaneously.

My own shift came from being desperate for a change in my career.  I had created an exit plan and strategy, and I continuously waited for the right time or more like the ‘perfect’ time to move onto what I truly wanted.  Though, I had entrepreneurial aspirations, fear and a solid performance strategy wasn’t missing from the equation.

My energy was drained and at one point I was depressed. I didn’t verbalize this to my family, but I know deep down they knew.  I allowed myself to be trapped in a physical and mental space that was to my detriment.  You see this part of my life, took up a lot of my  energy, the commute,  the mundane tasks and on many occasions, I wasn’t being authentic.

My shift took me from a really unhappy place to one that has challenged me to be more focused

I simply wanted out, but I didn’t have the courage to make the first move, for a number of reasons.  Mainly because I knew deep down I wanted to be an entrepreneur and looking for another job wasn’t going to make me feel better.  I knew I had a lot of soul searching to do and  I didn’t have a clue what my purpose was, or what I would be building a business around.

My shift took me from a really unhappy place to one that has challenged me to be more focused, to step outside my comfort zone and truly embrace the person I am and continue to grow in becoming.

Today, there has been a shift in the relationship I have with myself.  I’m far more confident.  I have developed a stronger relationship with simply more patience.

My daily life revolves around gratitude, exercise, reading and inspiring.  Every morning as I wake up around 6 AM, I thank God for a new day and an opportunity to contribute to the world.  Then I take a few minutes to just calm my mind and get intentional about the kind of day, I want to have.  Then I make myself a wholesome breakfast and then I usually read a book after. Then, I exercise for about an hour. Then I take a shower, make a smoothie and then organize my day.

What has truly worked for me is, avoiding emails before 11 am. It helps to eliminate as much distraction and allows me to get my top 2 task completed efficiently.

Krista’s Advice For Your Shifted Journey

If you are considering or in the process of a life shift, be kind and patient with yourself. It’s a very vulnerable place and there may times where you feel so overwhelmed, but remember you’re in control.

The thing that was most helpful to me during my own shift was self talk. I know this may sound a little weird, but it has truly been helpful to me. Whenever I get overwhelmed or feel a little lost. I stand in front of the mirror and  speak out loud my inhibitions. Actually hearing myself, provides me  with clarity. I get to really hear what’s going on in my mind and then I can motivate and get my frame of mind on a clearer track.

 My daily practice that helps me to remain shifted is being grateful.  Being grateful, even when things aren’t going my way. It can be difficult, because when we are in a place of uncertainty or we’re overwhelmed by everything that’s happening around us, the last thing we want to do is to be grateful for being in such a space.  Being grateful for when things aren’t going the way you want, allows you to appreciate even more the times when there’s a glimmer of light.

 I challenge you to step out of your comfort zone daily.  Embrace all the changes, the ups and the downs. They are all places of growth. If you choose to stay in a place of ‘comfort’ you’re more likely to have some resentment towards yourself later down the line.  Step out of your comfort zone everyday.

-Krista Jennings

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