Life WIth A Cherry on Top: 31 Days of A Passionate, Inspired and Blissful Life

Life with a cherry on top: 31 Days to a Passionate, Aspiring and Blissful Life

All too often I get so caught up in the doing that I forget the being. Being present is something that I preach to anyone and everyone that I encounter. I am a passionate person and I yell positivity every chance I get, yet I don’t really do it in my daily moment by moment. I don’t walk the talk.

When I decided to take this 31 Day Challenge, I had no idea where I wanted to go with it. I thought about writing about confidence, or surviving abuse or building a business but I also knew I needed to come into spiritual, emotional and physical alignment with my soul . These 31 days is my opportunity to pour out my thoughts, beliefs and life philosophies on the page without expectation; that I can spend the time savoring the moments I have with myself, my intuition, my love and my beautiful baby.

I aim to put into perspective what is out of whack and create everyday bliss. I know that life does not have to be routine and bland and filled with rushing. I know that life is too short to spend on end at the computer, glued to my phone and getting frustrated when my loved ones want my time. I know the universe rewards good intentions and self-love.

So I walk bravely into exploring my passionate nature once more. I stand firmly in my belief in the power of inspiration. I wait with baited breath for the simple marvels that I will find as I immerse myself in experiencing bliss.

During these 31 Days:
::I promise myself to nurture the things in me that make me my most creative.
::I promise to take life by the second and enjoy the moments as my daughter does.
::I promise to see the funny and quirky in every situation. I promise to love everyone I come into contact with,despite and above all things.
:: I promise to live in faith and communion with my Higher Power.

My hope at the end of this is that my life reflects my philosophies and I am calmer and more at peace, creating my blissful Life.

Bliss: A Personal Descriptive
My Bliss tastes sweet.
It sounds like laughter and looks like sunsets.
It feels like warm velvety hugs and deep penetrating silence.
It shouts connection and peace and calm.
I can find it in the little moments when the sun sets on the blue sea and the birds singing at first dawn.
It is the knowing that I am held, loved and cherished.
That I can help, love and cherish others.
It is in me and of me and by me and through me.
I am Bliss at my core and my intention is to see it at work every day.
Join me for 31 Days of a Passionate, Inspired and Blissful Life.

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Day 1: Introduction
Day 2: Nurturing My Spirit: Creating a Morning Routine
Day 3: Savoring the Small Moments

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    1. Hi Shaunta. I love the enthusiasm. It makes me even more eager to write. Thanks for coming by.

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