More Positivity Please: 5 Secrets to An amazing Day

ore positivity please. 5 secrets to an amazing day. she's inspire.

The world is already a negative place. No one needs more negativity. Can you imagine a world filled with people who only see the bright side of life? Yes we’ll probably be living in a virtual utopia but wouldn’t it be amazing?

To hear the good things that people are anticipating?
To see others honor their intentions? Live with integrity? Give each other the benefit of the doubt? If we all practiced positivity and made it a part of their day, our hearts would be blown wide open.

A positive outlook has tremendous advantages for everyone.
Approaching your day with a positive attitude, opens up the universe’s hand to send you More positive experiences.
It alters your perception of the challenges and difficulties that you will encounter.
It changes the energy that you put off into the world and it raises the vibrations of others that come into contact with you.

A positive person is a joy to be around. You know what it’s like to spend time twitch a sour puss that complains about everything. Only sees the darkness in every thing and tells you you can’t and will never be able to do. Contrast that with someone who helps you see the bright side, helps you come up with solutions to those problems and looks for opportunities. It is truly a difference.

For today as you approach your day, seek to infuse more positivity in your life. Your day will burst wide open and the people you come into contact will thank you (maybe not out loud, but their spirits will appreciate it).

Here are 5 secrets to Infusing positivity in your day:

1. Smile.

It brightens your face. And if you want to make it a game, smile at those people who look like they’re having a bad start to the day and see how many you can get to smile back.

2. Compliment someone.

Tell them something that you truly like about them. You may have to search sometimes, but put in the effort.

3.Tweak your outlook.

Think about as many positive ways to look at something that you would normally complain about, for example traffic. It gives you time to think and commune with the universe because, of course, every little bit helps.

4. Send people love darts.

Not literally, now. But direct your intention towards someone and send them pure love. Think of them as a child and send them the love you would send a Child. Choose as many people as you can and try it out. Observe how they react.

5. Find your inner enthusiasm and rock it.

“It’s not easy being green,” a famous frog once said. Well, the truth is it’s not easy being anything, green or otherwise but we only have one life and finding and living our enthusiasm can make this journey feel lighter even when we encounter less than stellar moments.

Think about what you’re enthusiastic about, your dream, your children, your husband, your cause and do the thing that is challenging you in honor of that thing.

Do your work today in honor of Breast Cancer survivors or your daughter or your husband. Channel your enthusiasm.

After all, you are in charge of your life.

You can choose how you approach it.

Today, choose positivity. Thank me later.

Your turn:

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4 thoughts on “More Positivity Please: 5 Secrets to An amazing Day”

  1. Love these ideas! Having a positive outlook can truly change your day!!

    1. Thank you, Jennifer. I am glad you love them. A positive outlook can change your life.

  2. Love this post! Short, sweet, and right on point! I’m smiling now and sending love darts to the world!!!

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