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Welcome…whether you are new to Thrive or new to counseling. We are thrilled that you are here!

At Thrive Behavioral Health, we provide therapy and counseling services in the Montego Bay area. We help families, individuals, and couples. We also work with counsellors and other mental and physical health providers. We take a special interest in women who want to live healthier and more empowered lives. Feel free to explore a bit to learn more about us. If you are ready to make an appointment or just have questions contact us we would love to chat.

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Welcome to Thrive Behavioral Health | A Montego Bay Counseling Practice

Thank you so much for considering Thrive Behavioral Health. We’re glad you are considering counseling, it is a really big step. We hope you will join us. We have a lot more information throughout this website such as tips, how to get started, and you can read about our clinician. We are really glad you are here.

How to set up an appointment:

Send us a message or call us (876) 845-5600
We’ll then email you the intake paperwork and schedule your intake.
In the first 1st and 2nd sessions we’ll discuss your history, story, and goals.
In the 3rd session we’ll form a Treatment Plan (a map of where we’re going).
Then we’re off and running toward a better life!

We are so glad you are here. Please contact us if you would like to set up a counseling or therapy appointment: Click here-We’d love to hear from you or 876-845-5600

If you are not sure yet, look around the site and ask lots of questions.

How to find the best fit for you:

Taking steps to improve yourself, family, or kids is a big decision. You have the right to find the very best counselor for your family. Here are some questions that every counselor or therapist should be able to answer. We want you to feel comfortable, ask us as many questions as you would like, this is a big decision:

Q: What type of license do you have?

Not every counselor is trained the same. Here are some common definitions that you will hear.

Doctoral Level Psychologist or Counselor has completed a doctoral degree in Psychology or Counseling, thousands of hours of practice and supervision under other doctoral level Psychologist or Counselors.

An Associate Psychologist has completed 2 years of education and supervision by a Doctoral Level Psychologist. An Associate Psychologist is trained to provide counseling and some often also provide testing. Psychology is the oldest field.

Masters Level Social Workers have training in social work and have the broadest view. As a result, they have less training in counseling than Psychologists, Associate or Masters level Psychologists. Many Social workers complete additional training after their Master’s degree.

Q: What type of training do you have?

Depending on the program (Psychology, Counseling or Social Work) a counselor’s focus in therapy can be very different. Ask follow-up questions so that you are informed.

Q: What are the first 3 sessions like?

This will give you an idea of what to expect. Some psychologists or Counselors have a clear plan, while others hear your story, some make Treatment Plans to help measure goals, while others don’t. Their approach should be similar to what you are looking for.

Q: What theoretical approach do you take?

When you ask this question part of it is the actual theoretical approach. But really, you want a Psychologist or Counselor that can translate complex psychological terms into everyday language. If they say that they do cognitive-behavioral therapy, that probably doesn’t mean much to you, so hopefully a counselor will explain that in everyday language.

Q: How many sessions do most clients attend?
Psychologists usually have an idea of how long clients attend therapy with them. Depending on what you are looking for, this can be an important question to ask.

The most important thing is that you are comfortable with your counselor.

If you live in the Montego Bay area, please contact us if you would like to set up a counseling appointment: Click here-We’d love to hear from you or 876-845-5600