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Ramona Fellermeier is a German life coach and travel blogger living an unconventional life and travelling the world one country at a time. After receiving a degree in Aviation Management she now helps others to grow their own wings and reach for the sky. www.ramonafellermeier.com


To me, a life shift is a moment in life where you experience that your life changes in a profound way. You simply KNOW when such a shift happens.

Departing on my 219 day round the world trip in 2013 marked one of my most impactful shifts, and I still remember how my gut feeling knew that I have made the right decision when boarding my flight to Bangkok. It was a magical feeling of freedom, happiness and possibility. I’d just received my degree in Aviation Management and quit my safe but unfulfilling corporate job at the Munich Airport. And even though I had no clue what will be next in life, I felt that the answer will come along when I’m ready.

It did. After more than five months on the road I realized that I needed to share my gift of empowering others to live a bold, miraculous life. I was living my own dream every day, and nothing felt more right than sharing what I’ve learned on my inner and outer travels. I became a self-employed life coach, enrolled in an amazing and very challenging coaching training program and have changed numerous lives since.

My 219 day journey around the world not only challenged me in many ways and completely turned my life upside down, it also made me aware of my life purpose and how to share it with the world.

Being a coach not only enables me to make a powerful impact in other people’s lives but also helped me tremendously to create a life of my own heart and soul desire. I am still travelling the world one country at a time while coaching people from Canada, the United States, Great Britain, the Netherlands and Australia. I am fascinated by how alike the world really is, and coaching people from all over the globe expands my own horizons every day of my life.

You don’t need to be 100% ready to create a shift in your life. In fact, I didn’t feel ready at all. Now, when I look back on my time in the aviation industry, my travels and the personal transformation I’ve experienced, I am incredibly happy and wouldn’t change my experiences for anything in the world. It was scary to leave a safe career behind and embark on a trip into the unknown. Knowing how much I’ve gained by taking a leap of faith and leaving my comfort zone makes me want to do it again in a heartbeat!

Ramona’s Advice For Your Shifted Journey

If you are considering or in the process of a life shift…be with it fully. Your awareness of the changes that are going on in your life is the most important tool for you to stay in control and navigate towards a life your heart and soul desire.

The thing that was most helpful to me during my own shift was…to trust myself that I am doing the right thing.

My daily practice that helps me to remain shifted is…gratitude, a positive attitude and asking myself how I can serve the people around me each and every day.

I challenge you to…leave your comfort zone and become your truest, highest self – one moment at a time.

-Ramona Fellermeier

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