Read This When Life Is Tougher than You

Read this when life is tougher than you. image

Your journey does not begin and end when bad things happen. Bad things are a part of the journey.

No one’s journey is entirely good or entirely bad.
The bumps that appear along the path are reminders that nothing is constant. That you shouldn’t get comfortable because life requires you to up your game at a moments notice.
You are being built for something, there are lessons to learn. Lessons to teach that demand that you have lived.
Your challenges all have a place and a purpose.
You are being sanctified for a larger greater purpose.
Your mission must have a message or you’ll get lost. And a message must have a greater meaning or no one will listen.
Your experiences are not in vain.
Your pain is not lost on the world.
You cannot give up here.
You cannot stop now.
This valley is for strengthening your for the next round.
You need this. Making it through this time means you will be greater and stronger and more risk averse.
It holds the lesson that after every storm is a calm. And lovely sea.
It means that no hardship lasts forever.
Triumph doesn’t come easily and victory is not easily won.
Your spirit is forged in times of trial.
You will not be held captive by loss.
You are so much greater than this disappointment.
You are worth more.  And you will get it if you want it with all your heart.
Hold on through this.
Trust the process.
Your reward is waiting for you.

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  1. Thanks so much for the inspiration today! Here’s to a fabulous week!

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