Savoring the Small Moments: A Letter from My Daughter on Living Life

Savor the small moments: A letter from my daughter on living life. Shes Inspired at

How do you put into words the things that tickle your soul?
Those elusive feelings that give rise to a lump in your throat. You know those instants when you would burst into tears if only people wouldn’t think you’re crazy?

We have grown ourselves up and away from our inborn tendencies to savor. You can see it in your child: how she is fully invested in every moment, in every tickle in every cry.

She gives her all when she kisses you. She claps with every fiber of her being. She is all in the moment and of the moment. It is clear that nothing else matters when she is seeing something whether for the first time or the 29th. Well, at least my child.

I had had moments over the last few months where I have stood in awe of her complete commitment to the moment, wondering what she thinks and feels about the things and people around her, I wonder if at 10 months old, she has lessons to teach me about loving life, and being amazed.

I wonder if she could tell me something what she would say.
Well, here is what came to mind.

A Letter from My Baby Daughter on Truly Living Life

Dearest Nana,
I love you. I know I am just a baby but I want what’s very best for you, just like you do for me. I haven’t lived much life as yet, but from the little I have seen, Ive got a couple of things that might help you live that passionate life you talk so much about.

Nana, you are beautiful and loving and kind. I love that you try to live a life of good intentions but sometimes i think you have forgotten to stop and direct your good intentions toward yourself.

I wake up every day excited that the sun is streaming through the window and wondering what joy I can find in the moment. What do you see when you wake up?

Are you looking at the way the sun lays on the trees, creating a funny animal shape?

Are you smelling the dew on the grass? Did you notice the way the flowers opened in that minute that you looked away?

I see you rushing about trying to get this done and that done. Trying to make sure that I have everything that I need. And I worry that you are missing the tiny things that all come together to make this world magnificent.

So Nana, let me help you.

Stop worrying so much about what I don’t have. I think you know this but all I really need is you. Nothing makes me happier than seeing you, laughing with you and having your love. My heart fills almost to bursting when you try to make me laugh. It’s so cute that you try so hard.

My heart gets happy when I can touch your face and hear your voice. That really is all I need. I know I need food, sometimes clothes and sometimes baths but the thing that really nourishes my soul is knowing that I matter to you. Above all the business stuff, all the stuff that gets on your nerves and all the times the things you hoped I would get don’t work out. I would rather just lay down and cuddle with you.

I think sometimes you miss the point of life, Mom. You’re not here to make sure I have all the toys and books that you can afford. You are here to see the beauty in front of you.

To listen to the birds that chirp every morning outside the window.

To hear the crickets and love the people that do to look lovable and swim in the beauty all around.

I see you walking around checking your phone, ipad and computer, rushing to make messages so other people can have a better life. and I love how noble you are. But Mom, you too can have a better life?

Put down the phone, get off the internet, stop trying to make things happen. Just be and enjoy all the things that are around you.

Take a second look at them.

Imagine if you didn’t know what they were and why they were made.

Pretend they were completely new to you. What would you think? What would fill you with zeal?

What things wouldn’t mean so much to you, if you saw them for what they really are? Temporary?

Another thing. You give me all of these tasty foods and fruit and juices. You take the time to choose them because they are good for me, but they are good for you too and believe me, they are delicious.

Stop and taste them. They have so many flavors. Do your taste buds dance when you eat, Nana? Mine does. And I so want you to not miss out on that.

Life is beautiful, Nana. Savor it. Dance more. Your skin glows when you do. Sing more. I can feel your heart when you do. Hug, love and cherish the things that you can’t take with you when you leave here. Including me.

Love with tons of hugs, kisses and all my heart.

Your turn: What do you think your children would tell you in their letters to you Tell me in the comments.

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4 thoughts on “Savoring the Small Moments: A Letter from My Daughter on Living Life”

  1. Really love this idea!!! My daughter/son would tell Mie they wanted to play more with them! They would let Mie know how great I am because I always focus on their positive and kind spirits they are! They would say to laugh and enjoy more too… <3 kids, they seem to live life more fully! Enjoyed this! Thank you so much!

    1. Children are a wondrous gift that help us to really appreciate life if we take them time. As parent we have the opportunity to see God at work in them. It is amazing. Thanks for commenting and come back again.

  2. Lovely! This really captures the way children help us slow down and see the world again/differently.

    1. Thank you. I am glad you like it. Thanks for commenting and come back again.

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