Searing Hot Confidence: For When You Can’t Seem To get Your Message Out.

Searing Hot Confidence: It’s In You.

You know that feeling deep inside that you have something important inside of you dying to come out? But you don’t know how to get from feeling to actual message or product?

That fear you have that nothing you have to say is worth hearing? That you can’t begin because you have nothing to write, don’t know how to write it and don’t want to suck when you do get it down on paper?

That niggling worry that if you do the thing you want to most, that you’ll make that huge mistake that your neighbor’s brother made? The one that made him the laughingstock?

That fear that when you FINALLY gather up the courage and take that step you will fall flat and your blog or project or webinar will grow moss and die from reader deprivation.

Yeah, THAT fear.

That, My Friend, is no little fear. Everyone has HAD it. And it has kicked a lot of people’s asses for a LOOOONG time.

It has prevented a lot of kickass writers from writing, musicians from making their music, entrepreneurs from entrepreneuring. And acknowledging and loving it has birthed some of the most touching work ever (don’t believe me, Read Connie Chapman’s About page).

THE difference between them and you is that they have taken that feeling, hugged it, held its hand and made it a friend helping to guide the flow of their work.

It stays with them but less like an ugly, mean stepchild and more like a funny, senile grandparent, dropping wisdom.

You can get there and it you are truly determined to not die with your message still inside you, you WILL get there.
In the meantime, do some mind work. In those moments when you are sitting with your fear. Remind yourself that you are freaking awesome. List the reasons why if you have to. But for the love of the people who are waiting for your unique take on their lives (in the form of the message you will bring), DO something already.

Here are a couple of mild(er) suggestions to move from here to getting your message out into the world:

:: Know that what you have to say is valuable. No matter what it seems like, you are always worth listening to. At least one person NEEDS what you have to say.

:: To make a mark on the world, come from a place of truth and honesty.

:: Once you are speaking your truth, there will be those people who won’t, can’t and don’t want to hear it. That’s cool. Those are not your people (unless you aim to disrupt, then maybe some of your people are buried in there somewhere).

:: Go with how you feel. If it doesn’t feel good to you, maybe it’s not good for you. And just maybe you don’t need the endless hoping and second guessing.

Intuition is real, alive and loves to help. Let it.

:: If you want to leave the guy, quit the job or start all over because it is hindering your greatness, you don’t need permission. You need BALLS!

Ever heard of SEARING HOT CONFIDENCE? (Well, you will because that’s my thing). But that’s what you need.

:: Confidence that wherever you fall will be a moderately soft spot. It may not be cushy, but you will love it!
:: Confidence that the universe, or God, or whatever you call your Higher Power, has your back. And you believe that like you believe in air (see Denise Duffield-Thomas as a reference. (She’s all Law of Attraction).
:: Confidence that nothing happens by chance. There is a grand scheme and you get it, finally.
:: Confidence that you are just that worthy of living the life you dream (I love Amber Ambirge and Sarah Von Bargen for this. See them live their dream).
:: Confidence that it doesn’t matter if you don’t sound like Danielle LaPorte or can’t write like Alexandra Franzen. You bring your own gifts to the table. Own your voice. Do what is unique to you.
:: Confidence that you have the skills to do it, or will work so hard at getting them, you’ll make Tim Ferris scream.
:: Confidence that even if you fail you will be fine. You’ll just have tons of awe-interesting stories after (see James Altucher).

All the answers aren’t in this nice little piece but then again. You didn’t need all you answers did you!? You already got ’em. Now go + do what you know you so passionately want to. Thank me later.

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2 thoughts on “Searing Hot Confidence: For When You Can’t Seem To get Your Message Out.”

  1. What a great post! Definitely something I needed to hear…. and then tell myself over and over and over again. Thank you!

    1. Thank you, Jen. I really appreciate your comment and I am glad I could help. I love your blog by the way. Your tone is so genuine and your pics are great.

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