Seeking Bliss: The Power of Human Connection

Seeking Bliss. The joy of true connection. 31 Days of Writing

The sounds of laughter reverberate through the air and you search for the place that it came from.

You’re not really so curious about who laughed than about what they are laughing about, wishing that you could hear that joke to.

You can’t remember the last time you were with other people, just laughing, playing and letting your soul be free.

Life has become such a lonely place where our connections are so purposeful that the true human connection gets left out.

If you’re anything like me, true, genuine connection is a must.

Having someone or two who you can be completely present with is a blessing. And every so often, your soul requires you to unplug and get connected through a different kind of fellowship.

Understanding that human fellowship is a part of inspiration and bliss is important otherwise we get caught up in the idea that inspiration and bliss can only come from us and the work that we do.

The pulse of the world isn’t singular. The compilation of each and every pulse creates a unique beat in which everything and everyone fits.

Attaching ourselves to others for even a moment can allow us to feel the pulse and process our world relative to that.

Sometimes it lets us know that we are on track, other times it allows for reflection and consideration of whether or not we need to change something.

For entrepreneurs on a quest to build your business, your heart is filled with passion and  activities that you never imagined could take up so much of your time, do.

What often happens is that you’ll find yourself in a cycle of busyness, where your head is buried in books, computers and phones.

You’re so excited and enthusiastic about learning all you can, learning the latest technology, coming up with ideas and making things happen that inevitably your real life gets neglected.

Your friends don’t see you for a while, your children get rushed parent time and your partner hears all about it.

The new deal on business in the 21st century is peppered with the idea of self care.

You plan spa days, massages, meditations and mindful experiments but sometimes your soul is best serviced by getting to the human level and connecting through true fellowship.

 True fellowship? What are you talking about, Susaye?

Fellowship, at its most basic is experiencing the humanness of another. Being in a physical space with people and allowing connection to happen, naturally.

We live a rushed life where the constant busyness and striving creates connections that are often superficial at best and do not serve to nurture the deepest needs of your soul.

Some of us have best friends who we can call for anything. Others of us live in a cocoon where it’s just you and your life and some of your loneliest hours are spent alone.

I don’t want to undervalue the importance of connections that you have made on the internet; however, the measure of the trueness of these connections is whether you can truly be yourself.

Although everybody is preaching authenticity, it is easy to present a persona of our ideal selves when people don’t truly get to see into our lives.

Our true selves then get hidden so deeply under the persona we present that our true needs go unmet because we feel that we really can’t bring them to the table.

And while sometimes you may be lucky to make true friends through these connections, your soul is best nourished through real connections about people who know the human you filled with insecurities, laughter, fears.

 Where to find Fellowship and how to rock it when you do:

Make it a priority:

  • Sundays are a time to get in touch with family, both related and blood and those related by love.
  •  Spending time remembering why you love others and enjoy their company, reveling in the sweetness and vulnerability that makes another person human can be just the thing you need to help you get centered.

 Truly Engage with Others

  •  Taking time to be in conversation that does not relate to your work can provide new ideas and help give you a fresh set of eyes to see the things that need attention and addressing.
  •  Taking time to actually see other humans in action reminds you of your humanity and the need to pay attention to the whispers that life sends you.

Go Boldly Outside Your Comfort Zone

  • Going outside of your comfort Zone is also one way to fellowship with nature and others that you may not know so well.
  •  Taking an excursion to a place where other people gather and participating in the moments that are common to all human beings can reinvigorate your zest for living.
  •  Laughter is a common emotion that crosses all barriers as are smiles, tears and anticipation.
  • Observing others as they experience life can be a type of fellowship that not only bears witness to your humanity but also of the fact that the world is always going on even when we’re not paying so much attention.

 Your turn?

What other ways do you fellowship with others that nourishes your soul?

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