She’s So Daring Business Mastermind (Beta)

She’s So Daring Business Mastermind (Beta) Group Guidelines

As entrepreneurs we are often plagued by a number of emotional blocks that stand in our way and hamper our progress.  As women, we face even more of those blocks, including self sabotage, fear of failure, negative self talk. Once we are able to bust these blocks, we open up the way for ultimate success, once we do the work.
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 As this is a beta group, I will be selecting 10 women to work with in the 4 week mastermind. 


This mastermind calls you to step up to the plate for your business as your highest self, defeating these blocks so not only can we experience confidence in executing and achieving our big, hairy goals but we can deliver the highest and best value to the people we are called to serve.
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This mastermind, will operate in true mastermind fashion. It will serve as not only a brain trust for the next four weeks but also a soul trust where you highest and best self will be harnessed, the emotional dross turned into gold and your business can grow to the heights you envision. All with a group of women who love and support you, call you in the ways that you may be playing small, and hold space for you to bring you business into excellence.,
All that in 4 weeks, you bet!
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As a mastermind group, we do the following:

  • Brainstorm about building our confidence to move our businesses to the next level
  • Discuss strategies and tools to defeat blocks, self limiting beliefs and obstacles that can hamper our progress
  • Share successes and failures and our way through them
  • Offer accountability
  • Ask for help in stepping forward and being the entrepreneurs we know we can be
  • Meet  and keep in contact; more actions, greater progress
  • Post links to resources, opportunities, events, and articles that might benefit each other.
Because that’s what we’re gonna do, each member of the group has to be specially selected.
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A Mastermind Group is Not

A support group. Support groups offer companionship and encouragement where you’re at. A mastermind group, however, is about moving forward, helping you achieve a goal or dream. To sustain forward motion, all members must be committed to the effort to grow and call each other onward and upward.

– Trina Holden

Who is a good fit

An entrepreneur who is committed to being all in. That means doing the work, attending all 4 calls, watching the supplementary information, sharing tips, strategies and skills. Holding space for each other, saying the tough stuff that needs to be said with love and being willing to help each other birth the greatness within her.  Someone who can laugh at herself.
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Who is not a good fit

  • Someone who cannot fully commit to showing up for the 4 weeks that we’ll be together
  • Someone who is afraid to think big and set big goals
  • Someone who sees the other as competition
  • Someone who cannot support another’s growth.

What will we cover

Week 1: fear of the future and moving forward in light of the past: the big, hairy but definite business goals, systems and success routines.
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Week 2: fear of failure and blocks to confident progress: Identifying limiting beliefs and ultimate business confidence.
What’s been holding you back, blocks, obstacles and self imposed limitations, let’s tackle them.
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Week 3: harnessing your unique brand: your unique personality, your story, your strengths and how this all fits into your brand.  Signature products, about page alignment, offerings and sales.
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Week 4:  moving on to bigger and better things. Dealing with success, upper limit problems, leadership, remaining grounded and superior customer experiences.
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N.B. Instant action goals will be developed each week.
As a member of the mastermind, your agreement is to work your plan as hard as possible to achieve them, be on time or early for each meeting, be prepared and help each other. Kapiche!
If this sounds like a great fit for you, Please click the link and complete the application form.
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As I am only selecting 10 Women, please indicate your interest to join the 10 Days to Business Confidence Group that I will be offering soon after launching the mastermind.

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