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Vision behind She’s Inspired

I have always believed that anything is possible.

I have always known deep down that life is more than we can see. And I’ve recently come to know that you can live the life you dream of.

My work as a therapist has shown me that we live in a dream killing world where people fear dreaming because dreams don’t come true or life is so hard that dreams are a waste of time.
I’ve been alive long enough to know that opening your heart to your dreams can save your life.

The enthusiasm that comes when you find something to dream about can heal a depressed soul.

The love and positive energy that is emitted when someone goes after a dream can change the world.

My passion is to change the world.
My calling is to change the world by giving hope to people who no longer have any.
My mission is to reach as many women who need that hope as quickly as possible.

This blog was birthed with a choice between creating a business that creates more business or Creating a movement that creates more joy. And who doesn’t want more joy?

You’re probably here because your life is not what you hoped it would be and you are looking for inspiration. If you’re not sure as yet, welcome and keep reading.

You have a dream but you don’t know where to begin.
You don’t believe you can have a better life than you do now.
You have squelched your dreams or have stopped dreaming altogether.
You do not dare to dream for fear that it will turn to crap or you’ll be sorely disappointment.
Because that’s how it has always been.
If this hit the spot, this is exactly where you should be.

I can help. This blog is for you.

I hope to remind you that you can have a life that you love. I hope to bring you reminders of your true nature, reminders that you are love and light. That you are deserving of a life that you can wake up happily to, a life that you are excited to live.

I hope to walk beside you as you usher yourself into an existence where you revel in joy because not only are you living the life you want but you are also helping other people to find their joy.

I’m here to remind you that despite your challenges, your future is not your past, that you never have been and will never be what has happened to you. That dreaming is your right and daring to go after your dream is your purpose.

My greatest hope is to remind you that anything is possible and help you decide to dream. Then dare to go after that dream and finally live the life you have dreamed of.

In this space, you’ll find an appreciation for laughter, love and miracles.
You’ll find positive vibes and emotional cheerleading, because not only can you do it, but you can do it like no other.

You’ll find challenges to grow and feed your heart and soul.
You’ll find stories of others who have dared to step out and go after the lives they have dreamed of.
You’ll find reminders that in the midst of it all, you are awesomeness incarnate.

What you won’t find here are:
Pity parties
People bashing
Dream killing

So, welcome to She’s Inspired! I am thrilled you are here. Sit, and stay a while.

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Here is a little bit more about the voice behind the blog.

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But if you must go…Take a few seconds and sign up for Notes On Love, Light and Inspiration, join the She’s Inspired Lounge and then tell me in the comments, how often do you feel inspired by your life?

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