My Story

Hi There, beautiful, strong, passionate woman with a BIG dream! I love that you are here because it tells me you are ready to own your life and make that dream come true.
It’s an amazing honor![spacer height=”20px”] Don’t worry, I’m not psychic. I just know a little about women who are yearning for more.[spacer height=”20px”]

More FREEDOM to do what you love even when you have bills to pay, people demanding your time and things to accomplish. [spacer height=”10px”]

More PASSION to spring out of bed in the morning and serve the people that you sould is calling to. [spacer height=”10px”]

More CONFIDENCE to feel searing hot when you put on that sexy red dress that you have been eyeing in the store for months but not quite sure that you could pull it off. [spacer height=”10px”]

More CLARITY to know exactly how STRONG, SUCCESSFUL and VALUABLE you are to the world. [spacer height=”10px”]

Do any of those things ring you bell? If so….

Come in and sit with me a little.[spacer height=”20px”]

me overlooking the oceanHi! I am Susaye, a fierce believer in the power of women. I believe that, as women, we have immense power inside of us and if we just access our power and harness it, then we can CHANGE. THE. WORLD (or at least our own little corner of the world, if we so choose). The most important thing is knowing that we can IF we choose to.[spacer height=”20px”]

I also believe that the best way to OWN your life and live a big one is to Create the BUSINESS that supports the life you want.
No matter if you are working for someone else, having your OWN business is the path to true FREEDOM! and don’t we all want that!?[spacer height=”20px”]

How many times have you wanted to jet off somewhere and couldn’t because of not enough money, no vacation time, work obligations of other things that keep us strapped to the life that we don’t love but are afraid to straighten up?[spacer height=”20px”]

You should be able to decide for yourself when you want to do the things you love and when you don’t do something, it should be because you have chosen not to.
Wouldn’t that be beautiful?[spacer height=”20px”]

Too often we are afraid that we are not good or strong or bright enough to go after what we want. That we don’t know enough or as much as they next person and we let our dreams slip by.[spacer height=”20px”]

Well, I was in that place a few years ago.[spacer height=”10px”] Not wanting to go to a job I didn’t really care for but feeling like I couldn’t because I had not other choice.
I had a baby and while I was pregnant, I realized that I would have to return to work when my baby was a few weeks old, and I was not gonna have that.
I decided that I would have NO MORE!
I would no longer let other people decide for me.
When I decided to start my business, I worried about what other people would think about me quitting my high-paying job.And I faced some backlash. because I wasn’t getting up and going to a job every day.
I started getting weird looks and questions about when I was going back to work. And as much as it irritated me, I was in the driver’s seat.
I was spending time with my new baby. I was working in hours that were convenient for me. I was meeting like-minded entrepreneurs who are turning out to be some of the best friends a girl could have.[spacer height=”20px”]

While I’m no Millionaire, as yet, owning my life and my own power has skyrocketed my confidence.
Growing two businesses has increased my understanding of how to connect with and serve people better.
My child is happier and I am able to witness the beauty of development first hand.
My schedule is tied to me and my client’s needs and I can go where I want to go, when I want to.
And the fact is, YOU CAN TOO.[spacer height=”20px”]

It is time to step away from the fears, bust through the blocks, throw away our old stories of brokenness and connect with ourselves. That is the only way to have the life and business that makes you glow with passion. [spacer height=”20px”]


  1. I love to laugh. It’s my favorite thing. I find the simplest things funny and appreciate a comedy any day.
  2. Music is in my veins. I wake up singing and can think up a song for any word or sentence (most times). I love india arie, anthony Hamilton, Celine dion and Adam from Maroon 5
  3. I am in love with Beauty and nature.  I believe nature is the best way to see the universe at work.  It shocks me when people walk past beauty as if it’s commonplace.
  4. I love, love, love birthday cake.  I think God created birthday cake just for me and everything I see a birthday cake, I feel special (and hungry).
  5. I am afraid of earthworms (who does that)? Although they can’t harm me, seeing one will send me into high, girly screams.
  6. For many, many years, I did not feel like I had a home. Growing up between America and Jamaica, I always missed one when I was in the other.
  7. I was asked to leave the church I used to attend because I didn’t accept everything they taught. Man, I’ve been a rebel as long as I can remember.
  8. I plan to unschool my daughter. France here we come, she has to learn French.
  9. Nothing makes me happier than seeing someone understand that this is their life and they get to choose.
  10. In college, my friends thought I was too militant because I felt like no one was superior to me regardless of age, nation, gender or creed. And I still feel that way! Egalitarian at heart and soul!