Trust yourself: You Already know The Answers

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Trust yourself: you already know the answers

There is an inherent wisdom in trusting what lies inside you

The universe is established in a divine order that seeks to protect itself.
It sends you signs and whispers that things are not in order and there needs to be a change.

Oftentimes we are so blinded by our own urges to get this done or to get that done that we push past these whispers.

These whispers fall on deaf ears.

This might contradict the age-old notion of pushing through the difficulties but when something is on your wavelength the striving is enlightening, exciting and flowing. In Those moments, you know it is necessary to get to where you’re trying to go.

When it is out of alignment with divine order, the striving is difficult, purposeless and riddled with roadblocks.

The universe takes care of its own.

Know that. Know that when you are in flow, the universe will clear the roadblocks or at least provide you with support.

You do not have to fear.

The seed of what you will be or do is already inside you, waiting to be born; it will not come out of thin air.

Like any seed waiting to be born, the conditions necessary for growth are pre-existing or are being created without your input.

A majority of the time, you do not have to interfere for the seed to grow into a tree.

Take for example, in Jamaica, many magnificent trees grow from seeds that were just discarded without a second thought. The sole intention was to get rid of the seed after eating the fruit.

These seeds were not tended by human beings. They weren’t watered, didn’t receive fertilizer and didn’t even get planted with intention (at least not the intention of the person who discarded it) but as the divine would have it, they grew and thrived to provide more fruit in a place where fruit did not exist before or was even thought of.

It fulfilled its purpose and the person who discarded it had no idea of its future.

In fact, I believe the seeds had an inkling that something great lay inside them but had no real idea of the magnitude of the impact, the time it would take and even when and where it would happen.

Some of us are like these seeds; we were discarded from jobs, romantic relationships, friendships, families, businesses and other places where we thought we would always be and strived to be daily. Even amidst the universe’s whispers to us.

These experiences often challenge us and we feel lost, wondering and vehemently searching for what to do next, how to fix it and get it back or move past it and try again.

In these moments, we are called to recognize the inherent wisdom at work and remind ourselves that we don’t have to know how everything will turn out.

We don’t have to figure it all out now.

That like a seed, the ingredients for a new life, business, relationship, whatever it is, lie inside us and the conditions for growth exist even without our knowledge of where, when and how.

The universe takes care of its own. Our intuition tells us when to stop, let go and trust. Your connection with the Divine confirms that divine wisdom will nurture you, will provide for you, will see you through.

You already have the answers.

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  1. Although we may call it differently–I call it the Holy Spirit–it serves as a definite guide.

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