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I am Susaye  and like you, I had been dreaming about working for myself for years but I was too scared.

When I finally decided to go for it, it seemed like nothing that I did worked. My offers weren’t being accepted, I was pitching to crickets, I was making connections but none of it was turning into cash. Frankly, got stuck. I knew that my dream was possible. I knew I couldn’t let it slip away.  I knew that I could make my dream come true. I just didn’t know how.

If felt ashamed to say I was an entrepreneur because I wasn’t making ANY money. It finally hit me in the face when my partner asked me, “So how much money are you making from this thing?”

I knew in that moment that I had to fix whatever was keeping me stuck. I no longer had the luxury of working hard and not moving.

I’ll tell you everything I know about moving from being a wantrepreneur to taking fierce action to become an entrepreneur.


I know exactly where you are, I was there:

I was so passionate about building my business because I wanted the freedom to travel and spend time with my baby daughter.

Let me tell you what I did:

I got started and hit the ground running. I churned out my free challenge, pitched guest posts, wrote blog posts, promoted and made connections with other entrepreneurs. Very quickly I realized that the riches I knew I would get when I got started would not come right away and this entrepreneurial journey was harder than it looked.

I fell into comparisonitis, working all night, reading every book I could get my hands on, asking for tons of feedback and losing confidence in my abilities at every step.

I knew my passion and my dream was still there but I was becoming disillusioned by the day.

I became a wantrepreneur: someone who wanted so badly to become a successful entrepreneur but was just spinning my wheels.

I was stuck in uncertainty and desperately needed to get out.

But I didn’t know how to do it.


Here’s what I did next: 

I stopped and went inside to clear the clutter that I had built up since I got started. I got back to my true why and identified my strengths. As a Psychologist, I knew the strategies to bust my limiting beliefs, clear my blocks and identify my zone of genius.

I decided that I couldn’t DIY my business any longer. I had to get help. I got a coach to help me see the things I couldn’t and help me craft a plan to get out of my own way.

YES, you can absolutely build your business by yourself. Some people have done it. But have you?

I learned in that process that I could have built my business had I taken a different approach.

After all the difficult times I experienced waiting to be successful, I really didn’t think it was fair for people with great gifts and talents to struggle to help the world. So I wanted to offer a shortcut so you don’t have to spend months stuck and spinning your wheels but getting nowhere.

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The Wantrepreneur’s Revolt is that shortcut that can help you:

  • realize your dream of having the life and business that you love
  • get the support you need so you’re not doing it alone
  • and help you focus so you’re not distracted by all the shiny things and what everyone else is doing and let your dream flutter away.

For The Wantrepreneur’s Revolt, I took the years of strategies and knowledge that I have honing my skills as a mindset wrangler.

I have worked with war veterans who could not make any decision to CEOs of big corporations who can’t take a minute to breathe yet are drowning. And they have all gotten back on track and become more successful.

I took the better part of a year to get my mind back to where I knew who I was and where I was at my best.

I took what I knew works at getting clear and taking clear action for success and put it all together to help you move forward.

I won’t guarantee you that your business will succeed because that Is completely in your court. I can only guarantee that I will help you:

  • simplify the process of getting from confused and stuck to surefire clear.
  • amplify your message, strengths and passion to get your business moving and reach the people you are longing to reach.

The Wantrepreneur’s Revolt will move you closer to your goals, build your business faster and maintain your sanity, connect with the people who will help you enjoy this journey and restore your certainty in yourself and your dream.

I would like to invite you to join this program but before your apply, please answer these questions to make sure this is really for you.

are you a wantrepreneur


Ask yourself this and be very honest:

  1. Have you been working your ass off and getting nowhere in your business?
  2. Have you been feeling like everybody knows something that you don’t because they’re making money and you’re not?
  3. Have you begun to doubt whether or not you are cut out for this entrepreneurial journey?
  4. Have you been pitching offers and hearing crickets?

I can show you what to focus on and what you have to release to make this journey beneficial for you.

Let me take  the best of what I have known and learned through my own struggles to build my businesses and get you moving toward the business and life you have dreamed of, and away from what has become your new normal. Twiddling your thumbs is so not fun! I know.

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In The Wantrepreneur’s Revolt, we will:

  •  Cut through the emotional and psychological blocks that are keeping you stuck
  •  Clarify your real reason for building your business
  •  Nail down what you really do, who you really do it for, and how you truly do it best  so you’re happy and your clients are overjoyed.
  •  Distill the things that are wasting your time and the things that need more of you.
  • Organize your schedule so you are no longer spinning wheels but having fun doing the work you love.


In Each Wantrepreneur Revolt Session, you’ll get one 60 or 90 minute 1:1 coaching call. Just me and you, digging in and stripping away all the things that are not helping you move forward.

2 Follow up emails to help you clear away the shiny things that you will start to accumulate over time.

1 x 15 Minute Crisis call to tackle one thing that you’re just not sure about.


Wantrepreneur’s Revolt






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