What Do We Do

At Thrive, we provide counseling and therapy services to women and their families. We offer a range of services geared towards the individual woman, her family and her children. We also offer child-specific services including psychological and educational assessment, and therapy indicated by the results of the assessment.
Counseling and therapy are more suited for individuals and families who are experiencing emotional crises and would benefit from work towards returning to normal or creating a new normal.

We provide coaching to women who are not currently experiencing emotional crises but are ready to take their current lives to a better, more successful place or feel like they have a dream that they would like to go after.
We also provide coaching to children and teens who are experiencing difficulties in test taking or social issues such as making friends or preparing for transition to a new school or to college. Coaching is also beneficial to the professional who would like to increase the level of success in their field experience the life they are dreaming of.

We provide consultation to schools and other institutions interested in presenting strategies for improving their staff’s attentive listening, stress management, communication and interpersonal skills. We are also equipped to develop and present workshops on mental and emotional wellness or any other psychological well-being topic you may be interested in.

Not sure if we can help? Please contact us and let’s discuss your need.