Who We Help

At Thrive Behavioral Health, I really like to think I can help everyone and to a certain extent, I can; however, there are groups of people who I am specially trained to work with and just passionate about. With that said, I specialize in Counseling and Coaching for Women and Children. We’re #1 at that in the Montego Bay Area.

I work especially well with:
Children and Teens struggling with self-esteem issues, learning and behavioral issues, or that are sad, angry or needing help with family transitions such as death, divorce or a move.

Women looking for balance, emotional control, independence, and confidence or support for health-related concerns. Also, women with histories of abuse and violent experiences, difficulties adjusting to a new job, relationship or life challenges; who have relationship difficulties or difficulties parenting their children.
Other Clinicians or health professionals who need someone to talk with, debrief or for consultations.

If you are not sure if we can help, contact me.

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