Other Helping Professionals

As a Psychologist, it is really difficult to find someone to talk with. It may seem counterintuitive, but being overachieving, heart of gold people, we often are not able to identify our own signs of burnout or our need to take some time and take care of ourselves.  Being  challenged daily by helping other people, we sometimes feels that we can handle it all or employ our own techniques to help ourselves. Over time we come to realize that we need someone else–if only to off/load some of the stress that we have absorbed from our clients and patients. I came to be interested in ‘helping the helpers’ when I found it difficult to talk to other people who did not have the same experiences or would look to me with wonderment in their eyes at what I do. Also being the helper, it was difficult to ask for help. So I am here holding space to help you have a confidential place to discuss the challenges that you are experiencing, offering coaching to help you move into the place and possibly practice that you are dreaming of and offering consultation on tough, heart-rending cases that you are experiencing. You, too, are entitled to a brilliant life. Together we will help you experience the quality of life that you work hard to help your clients and patients experience.

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