With all that there is to take care of — career, home, family, relationships — many women find little time to take care of themselves. You might be at college for the first time, a single parent, or a new divorcee. Your own life goals may have been put on hold, or maybe you lost track of what brings you joy. Your physical and emotional health may be suffering. You may have experienced abuse in the past and feel powerless to move on from its effects. My therapy style is open, honest, and respectful, and I have helped women of all ages to help themselves out of the darkness that they have been experiencing into a lighter more brilliant place, regaining purpose, control, and satisfaction in their lives. If you have been feeling stuck and know you need a change. If the depression is not going away. If you need to try something else, give me a call. Happiness and joy in your life is worth the effort.

In addition to the everyday challenges, women have a unique set of needs. It is also these needs that make Thrive Behavioral Health and Dr. Rattigan, the Psychologist and practice of choice in the Montego Bay Area.

We work especially well with:

Girls and Teens
At earlier ages, girls are experiencing anxiety, depression, and overwhelming pressures. Low self-esteem, family stress, trauma, and peer influence can lead to withdrawal, risky behavior, and school struggles. Sometimes even the most dedicated parent feels they can’t help. Worry, irritability, or lack of motivation might make it difficult to get through every day. As a Psychologist, I love to do what works and therefore use research-based, age-appropriate treatments tailored specifically to the needs of my clients to help get your young girl or teenager back on track to living her best and most brilliant life.

Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, and Grief
When you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and unable to cope, you know you need to do something to feel better. Perhaps this is the first time you have felt this way, or maybe you have struggled with it for a long time. Maybe you have lost someone close to you, or you might have experienced an intensely traumatic event. Maybe you are contemplating or are going through the process of divorce or are newly diagnosed with a health condition and you are not quite sure how to process it or You just need are are are yo support. My approach is gentle, supportive, and solution-focused.

Infertility, Miscarriage, and Loss
Motherhood starts well before birth, or even pregnancy. Motherhood begins with the desire to have a child. Whether you have lost a pregnancy, have suffered from infertility, or have experienced the death of a child, the grieving process can be overwhelming. I can help you through the process in a compassionate, supportive way.