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Do you remember the woman that you once were? The woman who you’ve been standing searching for?

She’s been waiting patiently on the inside for you to come back to her and remember who she really is. You feel like you’ve lost so much of who you were?

The joy, the zest for living. The inner you, the rockstar has been waiting, calling to you to come back and get in touch again; pleading to allow her to shine.

Whether you’ve been gone because of a bad relationship, lost job, abuse or all the crap that’s been hanging in your past, how you feel is the same:

You feel like you’ve been beaten down, broken, torn apart and left for dead. You feel drained, lost and mentally, physically and emotionally whipped.

Not sure if you’ll ever be able to get back to where you so desperately want to be—where your light flows effortlessly.

I know you’re tired. Figuring out how to rid yourself of the hunger for more meaning and purpose and figuring out how to pull yourself out of the crap is tough. And right now, you feel like something has got to give!!

 Know this, my love. You are right where you should be at this moment.

I am here to meet you where you are and walk side by side with you through the muck. Building and pruning until you are loving even the cracks where the light shines in. 

Here’s what I can promise you.

You are meant for so much more than feeling broken. You have an immense amount of power and love and passion and purpose. Too much to let the past demolish you. I am here to help you see that. I am here to help you clear away the debris blocking your vision and work with you until you have no choice but to see it for yourself.

Starting today, I want to help you let go of the experiences in the past—because ONLY YOU define YOU.

I want to help you create such a vivid image of the future that only experiencing it would be any better.

We will work on building back your confidence and developing the momentum to move you through the obstacles that are standing in the way of the life that you want so badly to create.

We can focus on any area of your life that you decide on.

We can work when you want to work. But we will work. Even when it hurts.

We will push even when you think you can’t. Because you are so much more than all that you have heard and thought and felt in the past. 

I want you to stop, step away from the computer and shout—Now is the time!! I will have no more of this! My life is Mine and I AM taking it back!

Didn’t that feel good?

Then you are ready, my dear.

Get ready to say “Hello, welcome and come and sit with me” to your highest and best self.

Where you will embrace her with tears of joy and wrap yourself In pride and love and joy.

And inside, she will be jumping with joy because this is the moment that she has been waiting for for way too long.  

As your coach, I am your best friend, confident, cheerleader, ass kicker, and challenger. Working on elevating you to your highest and best self is no joke.

So seriously, are you in? 

Because once you commit to this work, we’re getting down and dirty into changing your life. So make sure you’re all in.

Let me tell you, though. There are no magic cures here.

Becoming your best possible self is a hard process. The crap didn’t just start yesterday and won’t be gone tomorrow.

Working with me is only for the woman who is ready to change. No waffling. No I guess Soes. It will be hard, tough, deep inner work.

Challenging all your beliefs about yourself, your worth, what’s your fault, what happened to you, who’s responsible for your life and living up to the big vision.

Oh, and of course, you’ll be LOVED into your best self. So be ready for that as well.

In 3 sessions a month, for 3 Months: it will be Me + You and massive change.

Here’s What  You’ll Get From Working Together: 

  •  Super clarity on who you are and what all the crap of the past really means
  •  Deep understanding into what has held you back and what needs to happen to move forward
  • Your big vision for yourself and your life
  • An up close conversation with your Inner mean girl and strategies to tell her to sit her ass down and shut up!
  • Strategies for manifesting intense, undeniable self-love
  • Connection with your inner self that highlights your true purpose

Here’s What We’ll Do Together: 

  •  1 hour of pure ME + You coaching, 3 times a month
  • Bold, Sassy, Brilliance (oh, Confidence) to do what the hell you want
  • Feedback based on what my intuition and your energy tell me
  • Bold accountability; no BS around here
  • Unlimited email between sessions
  • My personal cell, if you need me in a crisis moment.
  • Wrap up and cupcake party just for you and teeny weeny surprise, because after all this, you will need it.




If you need more of me, because the Shit is just too deep, No Problem! 

As you experience what the true amazing you looks and feels like. You will want more and that is perfectly fine. 

Come along for the 6 Month excursion into your best, highest, most powerful self. 

You will experience a more in-depth coaching experience.

We will work to turn the rest of the dross into refined goal. Set big goals and kickass as we achieve them together, laughing at all the people who thought you couldn’t! Ha!!

You’ll get more support than you could have ever asked for. 

More structure to help you experience success each step of the way as you get into deeper, more intense inner work. 


Everything involved in the Arise Coaching Package, only this time you’ll have total access to me for 6 Full Months. 

We’ll kick things off with a SOUL DIVE 4 hour Intensive, where we’ll identify exactly where you are, knock out some of the immediate threats and create an emergency action plan to be implemented right NOW.

We’ll then check in by phone every other week (for 12 sessions total).

We’ll set clear, measurable goals, assignments and rewards for reaching them, because you have no choice but to crush them. 

Complete with a weekend trip to Jamaica, where I will walk hand in hand with you through the tears, rebirth and pain busting to watch as you emerge, more light, present and fully yourself. 



These sessions are held virtually, via a phone call on Skype. So it doesn’t matter where in the world you are!

Interested? Let’s started with a single session and if it is right for you, I’ll just deduct that from whichever package you choose. 


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