be bold, big-hearted and brilliantYour brilliant life awaits….come on in.

I have thought long and hard about the ways that I can contribute to the development of myself as an individual, as a part of the larger fabric of society and ultimately as a therapist. I have a love for working with teenage girls, mostly because adolescence is a most turbulent time, when navigating the many social and emotional difficulties that are experienced is almost an art that most never quite appreciate until adulthood. Even then this time is looked upon as the worst that most women have experienced. I have spent a great deal of time reading self-help books, self-development sites, psychotherapy manuals, motivational memoirs and a whole host of “How to’s.” I haven’t always found answers I liked or wanted to hear or even know how to begin but I have always begun. That is what I want for others; sometimes you don’t need to go the whole way because a little might be just what you need at that moment. I wanted to start a self-esteem movement but never quite figured it out. I decided to try this route because I like blogging. I like the freedom to express myself and meet with others on my own terms.  I will try my best to make this an interesting experience for you all and mostly to enjoy this journey. This is an invitation to come along and witness the flourishing of your spirit and the unearthing of your best self. Namaste!!


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