What You’re Meant to Do: Finding Your Divine Impulse

What you are meant to do: Finding a divine impulse

There’s a divine impulse to everything. There’s a rhythmic beat to the way the sun rises.

The waves lap to their own special beat.

Every inhale and exhale has divine timing.

Some people’s lives have a wild staccato rhythm, other people experience a smooth legato.

While nothing is perfect and perfectly understandable, remembering why we do the things that we do is one path to living passionately, experiencing daily inspiration and living blissfully.

Finding your purpose and living it is all the rage these days. In every magazine, there’s a quiz or guide to help you find your purpose. Your purpose is one of the guiding forces of your actions.

It should help you to determine how and what you spend your time on. Seeing that time is really all that we are able to pay for our experiences with. Understanding why we are here can help us to determine what things are valuable enough to use our time on.

For years, I’ve struggled to find the thing that is uniquely mine. I’ve read books, taken quizzes, read up on other people’s ways of knowing, listened to interviews and just given up.

Because I know I am here for a reason, I couldn’t ever truly give up looking, so I took a different approach and let my natural instincts and inclinations help me find it. When I found it, I labelled it, my Impulse. I’ll tell you why in a second.

Human beings are designed perfectly—with everything that we need to survive. Our bodies can heal themselves.

Our cells replenish themselves, our body cleans itself, things grow within us when we need them and on and on. Why would our purpose not be something that we already possess?

If this is so, all we really need to do is to get in touch with our natural impulses. Once we are able to be quiet enough to get to our soul, we will find it.

Like everything in the universe, we each have a divine impulse—a thing that is hard-coded into our DNA that we must do. Your impulse is where your purpose lies. An impulse is a natural inclination.

Something that you really cannot control because it just appears on its own. It’s your natural urging. The thing that you are driven to do and you don’t know why.

Birds must sing. Teachers must teach and if they don’t it gnaws at you until you do or you die.

This impulse is the wavelength on which we operate. This is the level at which we function the best. This is our sweet spot, being in the zone or what people mean when they say you’re in your element. It is what you were meant to do; where you are at your best.

Everybody has it and everyone can find it if they know where to look.

The Essence of Your Impulse:

• It is an uncontrollable intrinsic urging to do that thing that you know you have to do! Even if you’re 90 years old. It is that thing that gives you meaning.

• When you’ve found your impulse (are in your element or in the flow of life), you forget about time, your vision, hearing, and thoughts are clear and strong. There’s no second guessing. You know it. It’s in the air.

• You are filled with vim and vigor. You have passion and purpose. You’re driven to succeed and even when it’s slow you keep going because you know you have a mission and a message that cannot die within you.

So how do you really find your impulse: you hold your hand to your chest and savor the beat of your heart.

I discovered that one way to find this thing is to tune into your soul and key in to the place where life is easiest for you. Where it feels most natural.

Since everything has a rhythm, your life up until this point has had its own rhythm.

It means to forget all about what you like to do and what you’ve dreamed of doing and go into the place where your soul feels aligned with life.

Here are 2 ways to put your finger on your impulse:

1. Go camp out in the spot where your life’s pulse and the earths pulse are one and the same. This is a place where your heart beats in slow motion, passion is only the beginning of the feeling you have when you’ve found your thing or what I call the You impulse.

a. Think back to a time when you felt literally like you were on cloud nine. What were you doing at the time? (Apart from sex or drugs)
b. When did you ever feel like you were your highest and best self? What were you doing?
c. When did you feel like your soul was its purest?
d. Have you ever had the experience that you were in your body but not of your body? What were you doing?

2. You can find it in the people that you are drawn to for no reason that you know of. The thing that brings a tear to your eyes or causes your heart to swell. In other words, this impulse is your thing, the movement that your soul aims to lead, the revolution that is waiting to call your name. Your message, your mission. The thing that makes your heart sing.
a. Make a list of the things that you feel deeply passionate about
b. What things break your heart and you feel drawn to doing something about?

If this thing that you were doing could help other people, this is more than likely your divine impulse.

As you go through your days, pay attention to that tiny glimpse of heaven, that earthly connection to the divine, that exhilarates you and makes you feel humbled. That is it.

I wrote this post in response to the live your legend writing prompt, what difference do you want to make.

I have known for a long time that I am sent here to help women to find their inner power, harness it for good and live the life that they have dreamed of.

I am in my element when I am helping women be their best selves. Ideas rush to me. I can feel the separation between my soul and body.

When I write for these women, I don’t know where the words come from but they come. In this mode, I could go on for days, no eating, no sleeping. I am my best self. I can feel the neurons pulsating in my body. I am riding my divine impulse and sitting deep in my element.

What about you?

Have you found your impulse?

A movement of inspired women. Coming soon.

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